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Yumen Ruigang Chemical Co., Ltd.
Yumen Ruigang Chemical Co., Ltd.
—- Intelligent production base (under construction)

Geographic location

Yumen city, Jiuquan City, Gansu Provinc

Important milestones

•  The project was formally approved in 2018, and the feasibility report was completed in the same year.

•  In 2019, the project was approved by the government and the land purchase was completed

Project introduction

Yumen City is the birthplace of Gansu’s wind power industry. There are more than 20 million kilowatts of wind energy resources that can be developed and utilized, and it has the title of “Wind Capital of the World”. In addition to abundant wind energy resources, there are also abundant solar energy resources. It has the characteristics of long sunshine time, strong solar radiation, and pure and transparent air. It is the area with the highest total solar radiation in Gansu Province. The large Gobi  is flat and open, with no obstacles,there are 3000 square kilometers can be used for the  solar energy projects.

The unique natural conditions have made Yumen City an excellent base for the new energy industry and an important petrochemical industry base.

We are taking advantage of the unique natural conditions of Yumen to take the road of sustainable low-carbon economy. The construction project of Yumen production base was initiated in 2018, and the feasibility report of the project was completed in that year. Officially launched in 2019. The production base will fully implement the concept of intelligent production and follow the highest safety standards through the use of high-tech production technology. After completion, it will become a model of intelligent and sustainable production.

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