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Lyuen Technology always ensures the innovation of organizational structure and system to adapt to the development and changes of the external environment and internal conditions; always pursues the simplification and flexibility of business process management; always integrates and optimizes management with supply chain management as the core, and builds customer-oriented Leading supply chain management model.

Ensure the safety of employees, customers and stakeholders

For all of us, the health and safety of personnel are of paramount importance. This commitment is deeply rooted in our strategy. For all of us, this means providing safe working conditions. Our global effective safety concept aims to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Product supervision

Ensure that sufficient environmental, health and safety information is provided to assess the safety of each product in its intended use.

Develop product regulatory plans and business risk reviews based on risk priorities.

Ensure product supervision is involved in product and process design and manufacturing evaluation.

Ensure that product regulatory expectations are established for suppliers and customers.

Ensure that appropriate product regulatory information is provided to customers, and implement assessment and product regulatory plans consistent with risk-based priorities.

Hazard identification and risk assessment

We adopt a consistent and coordinated regulatory environment for all products produced, based on the scientific principle of determining safe use conditions, and mandatory requirements to ensure that they are controlled to be used under predetermined safe conditions. The system must rely on the principles of risk assessment and risk management, which are predictable, flexible, and can responsibly meet the economic, environmental, and security requirements of society.

Through hazard identification and risk assessment of tasks and workplaces, Lyuen technology employees and stakeholders can identify potential hazards and minimize risks. The guidance document on hazard identification and risk assessment provides employees with methods to identify and analyze risks, assess risks and safeguard measures.

Production, transportation and use of products

Although chemical products bring many benefits to society, they must also be managed responsibly to minimize any adverse effects on humans and the environment. Lyuen technology takes this responsibility very seriously and works hard to ensure that our products are produced, stored, transported, used, disposed and recycled in a way that attaches great importance to human health, safety, and environmental management.

Accident report

Lyuen technology’s global specification for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) reporting sets a unified standard for accident reporting. We have established a database of all accidents and near misses. We use these data to learn from mistakes, take appropriate preventive measures, and make continuous improvements. We also established a risk analysis model related to accident management requirements to confirm the implementation effect of preventive measures from the occurrence of accidents and established relevant standards for accident management.

Chemicals management policy

The chemical management policy includes a wide range of voluntary and regulatory work, involving the safety and environment of chemical products, intermediates, and waste, and the harmless manufacturing, distribution, treatment, and disposal. This includes testing products to assess hazards, assessing the potential exposure of products in anticipated applications to identify and manage risks, registering new products with appropriate authorities, and notifying all interested parties of potential hazards and safe disposal procedures.

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