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Ecological environment

The business operation of Lyuen Technology has always followed the concept of sustainable development. While creating value, it actively assumes its corresponding social responsibilities within the scope of its influence.

Continuous quality improvement and good environmental stewardship are fundamental guiding principles at Lyuen Technology and seamlessly integrated into the company’s management system. Potential impacts on the environment are analyzed, identified and effectively managed at all levels through the employment of the latest industry knowledge developments and the use of cutting-edge equipment, allowing for the saving of valuable resources as well as the environment.

Adhering to the concept of green development and the use of renewable energy, the company built two modern production bases in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, known as the “World Wind Capital”, on the basis of full research, to make full use of local wind power resources to achieve designated Sustainable development strategy goals.

We manage the supply chain and our own operations in a responsible manner. We work with suppliers to evaluate and improve their sustainable performance, and invite suppliers to join our carbon dioxide management plan. In our own operations, we have established an effective guarantee system to ensure the effective use of resources and set an example to continuously reduce emissions and waste.

Environmental protection measures:

In the production process, strictly implement the “Safety Production Law” and “Regulations on the Use of Chemicals in the Workplace” laws and regulations, establish a sound responsibility management mechanism, and implement safety production responsibilities to individuals.

Strengthen the safety inspection system, discover problems, rectify them in time, and carry out strict accountability.

In the treatment of the three wastes (exhaust gas, waste water, waste residue), enter the domestic and foreign high-standard treatment equipment, adopt condensation recovery technology, pressure swing adsorption recovery technology, microbial purification technology, etc., to ensure that the three wastes are purified to meet the standards and not to protect the surrounding sensitive. Goals have an impact.

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