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Promoting social integration

The business operation of Lyuen Technology has always followed the concept of sustainable development. While creating value, it actively assumes its corresponding social responsibilities within the scope of its influence.

Volunteer Service

Encourage employees to actively participate in volunteer activities. Employees choose favorite projects and participate in them according to their own time, energy and hobbies to exercise themselves. Take the spirit of friendship, mutual assistance, dedication and progress as the action guide, and participate in voluntary projects such as cleaning homes, filial piety and respect for the elderly, safety training, world earth day and civilized transportation launched by China volunteer service network.

Help employees integrate into urban society

Most of the employees are migrant workers. How to help them integrate into the urban society has become the main issue for enterprises. The company actively explores, while protecting the legitimate labor rights and interests of the floating population, takes the enterprise as the main body, closely cooperates with the local government, and strives to strive for basic public services and rights in the fields of children’s education, health care, culture and sports. Through continuous education and training, enterprises improve the quality and ability of employees, so that they can quickly adapt to the development requirements of urban society.

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