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As an innovative enterprise with the mission of “commit to chemical science and technology to change human life “, we always insist on innovation and continuously seek new solutions to promote our core competitiveness through innovation and growth. Relying on our innovation capabilities, we adhere to the strategy of sustainable development and profit growth side by side to create more value for the firm. For us, sustainable development is the life of the future, and therefore, it is an important part of our business strategy. Our mission forms the basis of our sustainable development actions. Our sustainable development policy, which is the consensus we have on sustainable development.

We firmly believe that innovation is the key to a company’s continued success. The company’s technological development is based on this, and innovation runs through every department and every detail, continuously developing and applying new knowledge, new technology, and new technology, and adopting new production methods and business management models.

For more than years of practice, a set of technological innovation systems suitable for the enterprise has been established, and the development of the enterprise is driven through innovation.

•  Investment of R&D Center

It has invested heavily in purchasing advanced equipment and related technologies and has established 4 R&D centers, greatly improving R&D capabilities and levels.

•  Talents are the most important resource for the development of an enterprise. All-round introduction of technological innovation talents, and continuous optimization of the talent structure.

•  Create a corporate culture conducive to innovation

In the development process, we have always integrated innovation into the corporate culture, and integrated the open, adventurous, and tolerant attitude of innovation into the process of corporate management, so that employees can actively use innovation to complete their work.

•  Establish an advisory system composed of experts from well-known universities to provide guidance on major scientific and technological decisions, evaluation of major scientific and technological projects, and key technical guidance in the process of R&D and production, so as to reduce scientific research risks and improve innovation efficiency.

For more than ten years, we have always taken “becoming a world-class chemical technology enterprise” as our development goal. Through continuous innovation and technological progress, we have established 4 high-level R&D centers, and have 28 related technology and invention patents.


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